Creating an inclusive confident culture, providing a business and its staff with workplace stability is one of the key ingredients in growth, continuity, and success in any industry.

Having had the pleasure of working with Jenn Wallace through the difficult period of Covid 19,  what impressed me was her leadership and communication which saw staff who were pretty raw in terms of experience rally together forming effective, accountable teams who grew with the business.  Process and procedures were communicated effectively, with patience, developing a leadership culture of assisting and learning, leading to staff stability and personal growth.

Due to sales growth, Jenn as the CFO was instrumental in providing detailed reporting which was instrumental in determining the drivers for future success in a highly competitive industry, allowing the organisation to manage growth and increase its ability to invest in future opportunities through increased effective, business development staffing and Merger and Acquisition options.

In my current position in assisting SME on Exit Strategy and Succession planning I come across business’s who although profitable, lack the organisational structure and change management ability to maximise their exit dollar value which is where I recommend Jenn Wallace Consulting.  Working with both the Board and Senior Management, Jenn is able to provide the change management tools necessary to assist the business for the future and providing increased options for an exit, merger, acquisition or management buyout.

Steve Wheeler

I would like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Jenn Wallace who was employed as a financial controller and was promoted to CEO for just over 4 years within the KIS group of companies. In that time Jenn had overseen putting together an incredible team around her not only in the finance department but also in the customer care team. Jenn’s ability to not only recruit but manage staff to achieve their full potential was a real asset and even though Jenn has moved on since working for KIS Corporate most of the staff that she employed have now been promoted into managerial roles. Jenn was totally committed, loyal and extremely passionate in her role and would take on extra responsibilities on her own accord.

Jenn was extremely easy to work with but would also promote her ideas that she believed in. I wish Jenn all the success and happiness in her future endeavours.

Rick A.

Jenn is your go to girl – Jenn was my manager for 3 years, I started off in a customer service role and she saw potential with my work ethics and trained me up in Accounts  Payable and Payroll Officer. I can’t thank her enough for all her knowledge she passed on to myself and I wouldn’t have the job I do today if it wasn’t for her. I highly recommend Jenn to your business and you won’t be disappointed beyond the program.

Tanya W.

I had the pleasure of working with Jen for several years, and she always stood out as a truly dedicated and talented worker. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to tackle complex projects with ease never ceased to amaze me.

Jen has started her own consulting business, which speaks volumes to her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed. It’s no surprise to me that she’s flourishing as a business owner, given her incredible work ethic and passion for excellence.

If you’re looking for someone who can deliver innovative solutions to your toughest business challenges, I highly recommend Jen. Her skills and expertise are unparalleled, and she will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

Lisa G.

Jenn understands people!

I was incredibly lucky to have Jenn mentor me in the early stages of my corporate career, I find myself now years later reflecting on these lessons still and implementing Jenn’s style into my team and the culture in my workplace.

Jenn has an incredible ability to sit and review business units, identify the areas needing improvement and introduce procedures that will increase efficiencies that will not only benefit that department but the entire business.

I couldn’t recommend a better consultant for your organisation, a true people person with a passion for excellence.


I have the privilege of working with Jenn as my business consultant and I can’t recommend her enough. This woman is like a shot of adrenaline!

She is not only personable and easy to talk to, but her knowledge and delivery of that knowledge are concise and impactful. Jenn is a true leader and team changemaker – giving me the confidence I need as a business owner. Her guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate through challenges and set a game plan for my business and my team.

I’m so very glad we’ve connected Jenn.

Kath Machen-Baxter


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