• Are you feeling disconnected from your Team and want to improve the culture and team cohesion?
  • Are you struggling with the growing importance of finance integrating with operations and need help to overcome these challenges?
  • Do you feel that you and your team need to work on communication with other departments to be more robust?
  • Are you struggling to bring together a team that feels inspired, energised and equipped to execute and deliver the business strategy?
  • Are you compromising on the performance and productivity levels of your team due to lack of support?

Leadership & Culture change begins with a simple conversation GUIDANCE AND STRATEGY based on Individual and business needs

Free 20 Minute Conversation

How we can help

  • We help improve team culture, connection and cohesion by identifying the disconnect.
  • We assist with the integration of finance and operations to overcome challenges.
  • We help teams with effective communication creating collaboration between teams and other members of the organisation.
  • We help review inefficiencies in data entry accuracy to assure the organisation of correct real time reporting.
  • We assist with finance teams gaining new skills to overcome different business dynamics
  • We help bring together teams that feel energised and equipped to deliver your business strategy.
  • We help improve performance and productivity of teams by identifying where support is required.

Strategy & Audit Session

This session will establish Pain Points, discover your Objective and brief dive into the desired outcomes. Choose from either the complimentary 20 minute initial call or onsite visit.  Fees for onsite visit or Video meetings are offset towards any booked consultations or packages.

Implementation Packages

Choose from hourly services or blocks of 5, 10 and 20 hour Consulting and Strategy planning services based on needs identified in the initial Strategy and Audit Session.

Leadership & Team Workshops

Choose from either a Leadership or Team Workshop that focuses on guidance and strategies based on individual and business needs.  2 Hour duration and discounts available when multiple bookings or packages are purchased.

Why participate in this program?

You can expect to:

  • Have an inspired, energised, and equipped team that can execute and deliver the business strategy.
  • Build a more connected team with greater trust in each other.
  • Understand what your finance team needs to thrive.
  • Improve your team’s operating rhythm and communication cadence.
  • Help your finance team establish better relationships with key shareholders, which can deliver greater value to the business.
  • Achieve measurable improvement and progress against expectations.
  • Receive better stakeholder feedback and engagement with your team.
  • Obtain a suite of tools and templates that you can use to keep your team elevated beyond the program.

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What you can expect

  • We love working with leaders to help them achieve their goals and drive their businesses forward.
  • We start with strategy sessions, where we help you identify why you originally got into business, what’s changed since then, and what’s causing you to feel stuck. This helps us determine what needs to be done to get you back on track.
  • Our leadership sessions focus on recognising current challenges and identifying the outcomes you want to achieve. We believe in including the wider team in this process as it’s a great way to leverage their expertise and generate buy-in.
  • Regular accountability is crucial to maintaining momentum and achieving your goals. That’s why we challenge your progress and assist you in staying on track.
  • If you’re facing particularly challenging strategies, we offer laser sessions to assist you in resetting standards and finding new solutions.
  • Finally, we offer ongoing support to ensure that you continue to grow and achieve success in the long term. We’re here to help you every step of the way!
Jenn Wallace

Meet Jenn Wallace

Working across many different businesses and companies, I have developed a strong understanding of what makes a high performing team tick. My strong intuitive style brings empathy and understanding to all levels of employment and all those around me.

My positive enthusiastic approach to life, work and people is infectious and guarantees those around me gravitate to this philosophy and attitude. Therefore, I am able to guarantee CHANGE in culture and team attitudes by following some basic principles.

People and Culture make a difference in a workplace! With the right ingredients you can achieve great success in your business.

I have worked in businesses as a finance executive for over 30 years in the private sector.  These years of experience in a variety of Industries from small to medium has given me many insights and knowledge into all areas of business.

I know people and how to get the best out of them. You get more with honey than vinegar.  I am passionate about creating workplaces where people love coming to work and enable teams and individuals to excel and become exceptional at what they do best.

Being able to hone in on people’s strengths I can give them insight as to how to use these to their best potential. This then promotes engagement for the person and the business.  Staff then want to continue providing outstanding work as they are proud and own their success.

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